Proud socio-cultural village

 Main St. with family crests           Visitors celebrating life         Modern school facilities

Welcome to the Southern Karoo hamlet of Steytlerville, a town with a will and character all of its own. We may be a small community, but we boast a determination to succeed and excel in many of the facets that make out everyday life. But allow us to introduce ourselves briefly to you in this website.

Yes, we are mainly a community dependent on farming, but there are some interesting variations on the theme of eking out a living in a harsh, dry environment. In the first census of 1904 more than 400 farmers were counted. However, because of many socio-economic and ecological factors this number has dwindled to its present number of between 60 and 70. Quality, not quantity, prevails!

       Cockscomb Peak

NB! Steytlerville was the East Cape Finalist for the Town of the Year 2013!