Proud socio-cultural village


Central to a practical approach of revitalising rural South Africa was ROEP’s insistence that a long term ecological solution needed to be followed, based on best practice in agriculture, i.e. by intensifying agricultural operations vertically (rather than horizontally) and profitably, a natural repopulation would be possible. An innovative project, DARE (Dry Area Reclamation Experiment), was proposed to attract talent and innovative technology to address this challenge in a practical manner and to establish a center for the efficiency of water usage that would rival the best in the world. Unfortunately, at this stage ROEP’s limited funds and infrastructure caused it to fall victim to the very forces it had continually warned others about. The Chairman, himself a farmer, had to leave his farm due to an extended, severe drought - his departure effectively brought about the cessation of ROEP’s activities and operations.

Dr G H Craven (Chairman)