Proud socio-cultural village

Steytlerville is located to the north of the well-known Baviaanskloof Heritage Area and may be considered to be its northern portal. There is actually a road - not shown on many maps - which can be used to access the Kloof from our side (but be careful, the road is not for the faint-hearted or low-slung sedan cars).

The town was formally established in 1875 and named after Dominee Steytler who led church services while he still resided in Uitenhage, i.e. before the church was built.

The town is the home of many architectural gems from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, many still in pristine condition (not too much ‘development’ allowed this to happen).

In latter years the progressive cultural base of the community has been strengthened by city folk who have opted for a slower but healthier lifestyle.   


 Steytlerville from Sugar Loaf           Angora goat farming           Dorper sheep farming